Monday, September 8, 2014

Super Savings Sale!

Now through September 15th, 
Save $5 for every $25 you spend.  

If I get a huge response, I might continue the sale... Please share.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Shipping Frenzy after eBay Auction Frenzy

Well I had hundreds of auctions starting at two dollars and some change.  Most sold at that so it was a little disappointing but at least I can turn my inventory over.  Many of the items had been listed for awhile.

Over this long three day weekend over fifty items sold.  I was so thankful that the post office was closed on Monday for Labor Day because it gave me more time to pack and ship.  I did three two hour it took me about six hours to pack over fifty items.

I'm proud of myself.  Of course, I need to increase my speed and up my auctions.  I still don't know how to make a living doing this but I keep trying new strategies.  I hope that sales pick up with the increased auctions and that the approaching holidays help too.

Fellow eBayers - Do you find that your auctions bid up or do you items sell at the initial listing price?

I find that a few items bid up but not to where I would like them to...Most sell at the initial price.  I will keep studying key words and categories to try to find the "secret."

In the meantime, visit my eBay store because you are bound to find a great deal!

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