Sunday, May 24, 2015

Nashville TV Show and It's Amazing Music

In addition to selling on eBay and Teachers Pay Teachers, I am delving into affiliate programs in an attempt to work from home. I tend to sell what I love (most of the time).

My previous post was about plus size swimwear because well, that's what I need. But in this post, it is all about what I want. I LOVE this show Nashville and I LOVE this music. I want it all.

I hope you click on some of these clips and are inspired to either purchase the music or better yet become a fan of the show Nashville. I can't believe I refused to watch it as first because I thought that it wouldn't be authentic. When it was advertised on Hulu I was like yeah, yeah, yeah. Then one day, I watched an episode and was hooked ever since.

My favorite character is Avery played by Jonathan Jackson. He was the original Lucky on General Hospital (for all those soap opera fans). He even has a band of his own Jonathan Jackson and Enation. On the show he sings this angelic song called "How to Learn to Live Alone."

Even though Avery is my favorite character, Scarlett sings the most amazing song, "Black Roses."  It is stuck in my head and I just love it.  Her voice is ethereal yet powerful.  Simply Amazing.

Well I could go on and on about this show and it's music but it is best if you check it out for yourself.

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I made a new blog featuring the beach.  It focuses on items for bigger women.  I've been plus size for many years, even though I have tried (unsuccessfully) to be smaller.  I am not giving up but I want to look good and have fun in the meantime.  I decided to make the Big Girl Beach Shop blog.  I hope it makes plus size women (including me) realize the beach and summer fun is for us too.  Sadly I have avoided the beach the last few years because I have felt self conscious.  Now that I have a child, I have to change because I don't want my child to miss out on fun because mommy doesn't want people to see her fat.  I hope that by living my life and not hiding that I will get healthier.  What are your thoughts?

If you know any bigger women, have them check out Big Girl Beach Shop.

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Here also some music I just love from the TV show Nashville.