Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Updated Websites

Exciting times!  I've finally updated and  
Both websites have links to this blog.  

Below is a screen shot of the Groovy Educator website.  It is very simple.  It's sole purpose is to offer links to this blog, my eBay store, and my Facebook page.

Here are screen shots of the Lowery's Loft LLC website.  This is the one I intend to grow if my eBay store continues to grow.  I've taken a bit of a break from blogging and selling on eBay since I've been working for the Florida Center for Reading Research as an Reading Interventionist.  It is winding down and I will be expanding my eBay store and blogging more on here.  I have several ideas swirling in my head that I just cannot wait to share.  Some of the topics are patterns (this one is not what you think), character education, and teaching with everyday objects.

My Amazon Store

Please visit my Amazon Store for essential teaching resources, great read alouds, and children's books.

Here also some music I just love from the TV show Nashville.