Saturday, September 28, 2013

eBay Store

After years and years of dreaming about my own business, I am embarking the first steps of a new journey.  I am taking the first steps to hopefully create something lasting that I can pass on to my daughter.

To begin, I opened an eBay store aptly named Lowery's Loft.

It will house times that are "Vintage to New and Affordable too!"

Here is a brief overview of what is/will be in my eBay store:

Costume Jewelry (vintage to new) 
Disney Toys
Ty Beanie Babies
Comic Books
Collectible Figures
"Junk" lots - just a random collection of items to go through
and MORE

In teaching I've learned to start slow and build momentum.  That is what I plan to do with Lowery's Loft!

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