Thursday, December 19, 2013

Learning about Signed Jewelry ... Where to begin? Example: 1950s AJC Noah's Arc Gold Toned Pin / Brooch

Signed Jewelry Example 1950s AJC Noah's Arc Gold Toned Brooch

How did I learn about its age?  How did I learn about its designer?  Research!  Where to begin?  That's the hardest part for me when I am getting started on a new endeavor.  Well, in this instance, I have learned to look for a signature on a piece of jewelry.  Usually it is on the back.

That is my starting point.  I usually Google the initials by typing the following into the search bar "signed jewelry AJC" and then I click on the Images Link.  This link is located right next to the Web link under the search bar.

 When you click on the images link, you will see multiple images by that designer as pictured above.  I then click on the matching image or the one closest to it and start my search there.

You can also visit to research the marks on a piece of jewelry.  In this case, I learned AJC stands for American Jewelry Chain Company.  I found out the age of the piece by reading other descriptions of the piece that I found from looking at links from my images search.

 If you would like to purchase this item, click here to see if it is still available in my eBay store.  You can also visit to find more items by this designer.

Collectible Jewels is a great site to explore if you are wanting to learn more about jewelry.  Once you click the link, if you scroll down you will find a VALUABLE resource!  There is an extensive list of designers.  You can click on a designer's name and study the jewelry pictured for that designer and take note of the signature so that you can recognize future signed pieces.

Please feel free to share any tips you have learned.  Experience is priceless.

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