Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's time to "Tweet" for Business - Learning to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business

I have been a "pin-a-holic" on Pinterest in an attempt to grow my business.  It is a platform I that I have felt very comfortable with from the beginning.  Perhaps it is the structure and organization...Twitter on the other hand not so much.

That is about to change.  I am resolving to focus more of my energies on Twitter.  It seems so random with tweets - small snippets of information.  That can be a good thing. 

The eBay mobile app makes it very easy to share your postings in the most popular social networking arenas (Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter in no particular order).  All you have to do is click on share your listing after it posted and then select which social network you want to share it with.  It's that simple.  With a couple more clicks you can share to all three!

I have been religious with Pinterest and somewhat on Facebook.  I hesitate with Facebook because it shares to my personal page and not my business page.  I do not want to barrage my family and friends with numerous postings.  Twitter, I've avoided because it can get overwhelming trying to learn too many new things at once. 

It's time to "Tweet" to grow my business.  The question is how to grow followers.  Customers that are interested in purchasing from my store.  When I make a sale on eBay, I've been including an information sheet that includes my return policy and main website that links up to my blogs and eBay store but I have not really been pushing the social media.

What made me want to spend more emphasis on this is silly really but on an episode of American Idol there was mention how important social media is.  I hope I didn't lose you yet!  Well that planted the seed.  Tonight when I was visiting eBay's seller information center, there is was again-mention on utilizing social media.  You can follow @ebayforbusiness to learn more from eBay!  How neat is that.
If you are interested in following me, here is the info: @GroovyEducator

I will work on tweeting new items in my eBay store as well as products in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  I have been focusing so much on eBay lately that my TpT products have been pretty stagnant.   It's hard to balance it all because I have so many interests.  In time I will work on tweeting when I have a new blog post.

To get started I am just going to tweet away and hope that more followers find me.  The theory is that people only want to follow someone worth following...At least that is what I am guessing. As I learn more I will be sure to share more. 

If you have knowledge in any of these areas and would like to share/comment, I would love that.  It would accelerate the learning curve substantially. 

From being a teacher for many years I have learned that sharing sessions with colleagues is often the most effective professional development. There's even a term for that now:  Learning Communities.

Okay, it is late, late, late and I am beginning to ramble...

Here's to "Tweet" dreams!  (cheesy play on words I know...)


  1. You can make a separate Facebook page from your personal account. You can link it with your Twitter so they'll have identical posts. Having accounts on many social networking websites multiplies your exposure. While Pinterest is fast gathering up followers, there isn't just as much people there compared to social media juggernauts like Twitter and Facebook.
    Casey Mccoy @

    1. Thank you for your insightful comment. I have a separate Facebook page but have not linked it with my Twitter account. What a great idea! I really appreciate any tips and tricks of the trade so I can make this business grow.


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