Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pinterest Power-Have YOU Harnessed it?

Okay, I had a crazy idea today.  Instead of simply pinning to the Pinterest board I had already created (My eBay Store - Lowery's Loft), I decided to create several different boards based on they types of items I am selling.  That way people can follow the board they are interested in and have less pins to sift through. 

Right now these are the boards: 
Women's Apparel
Men's Apparel
Entertainment Memorabilia
Bears, Dolls, & Toys
Lots,Lots, Lots
Unsigned Jewelry
Signed Jewelry
It's a Bling Thing (rhinestone jewelry).

Can you believe I pinned just about every item from my eBay store to one of these categories?  I was
"pin happy."

I'm hoping to gain followers on Pinterest and Facebook for Lowery's Loft.  If you have any advice on how to grow a business I have OPEN ears and an Open Mind.

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