Thursday, January 16, 2014

What is Stanhope Jewelry?

Last night I was listing watches and jewelry on eBay.  As I list, I research the item to find a starting bid price.  One of the last pieces was this beautiful heart shaped necklace.

I did not see a signature and went ahead and started taking pictures.  As I was ready to write a description or note any flaws, I noticed the center stone looked different.  At first I thought it was broken where a rhinestone fell off.  In order to see it better I moved it closer to the light and VOILA! Inside the center of the heart is a mini magnifier stone that has the Lord's Prayer printed on it.  It also said Made in France.  I was shocked.  Tucked in the heart of the heart is a prayer.

So now I realize that I have this unique piece of jewelry without the vocabulary to describe it...  After several attempts at google searches and eBay searches the word Stanhope pops up.  Apparently this type of item was fairly popular some time ago.

Here is a link that gives more history about the term "Stanhope":  Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

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