Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shipping Lots on eBay (How Much Do I Charge?)

Tonight I am going to list lots of lots on eBay.

When I list in lots I weight the lighter lots.  If they are less than 13 oz I mail them and charge between $3.00 and $3.75 for shipping.  I try to keep shipping costs low for the buyer but I have to factor in the cost of supplies (e.g. mailer, bubble wrap, printer ink, label) and the fees (PayPal & eBay).

If it is a small lot that weighs more than 13 oz I try to ship it in a flat rate envelope which I charge $5.00 since I do not have to pay for the envelope itself.  I prefer this method because it is more economical than the flat rate box and it hold more.

The flat rate box is ideal for breakable or fragile items.  I charge $5.75 usually to mail it via this method because it costs a wee bit more.

When the lot is larger I aim to have it fit in a medium flat rate box.  I charge $10.00 and eat some of the fees.  Chances are if you are using a medium flat rate box that the value is higher.

Regular boxes shipped priority that weigh two pounds or less I charge between $6.50 and $8.00 depending on the weight.

Large flat rate boxes are great for very heavy expensive items.  I really do not like to use them often through because the shipping is $17.00 which can eat into profits.  So rather than shipping a ginormous large flat rate lot, I may break it into two smaller medium flat rate boxes to make shipping more affordable for the buyer.

Well, that's my take on shipping!

You can check out my listings to see how I do it.

Please note sometimes I charge less than what it costs me to ship and build it into the price.  For example If I think a pair of earrings is worth $6.00 I may list them for $3.99 and only charge $2.00 shipping.  It will cost me more to ship it but I like to change it up some to see what motivates buyers.  I have found lower shipping costs can be a deciding factor.

Happy Shipping!

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