Monday, July 7, 2014

Understanding eBay (Trying to Build Traffic)

It can be overwhelming to try to understand eBay.  I know how to list products, manage my store, find items, but I do not know how to build traffic.

Merely stating eBay is an extreme understatement.  There are millions of sellers and gazillions of listings.  (I may be exaggerating...or not, your call.)  The question of the day is:  How do I get others to notice my items in my store?

I've been looking into SEO optimization and it sounds interesting.  I do know that when I am super descriptive in my "description" my items get found (especially if they are on the rarer side).   

But when I list an average run of the mill costume / fashion unsigned jewelry bit or bauble, it is like a needle in a haystack.  I guess I could simply limit my listings to items that have a name per se and clearly identifiable attributes.  I am getting better at doing this but there are many pieces that are beautiful and they go unnoticed because the words to describe them are overused.  What do you do then?

I guess the solution would be to draw more people into my eBay store where they happen upon these items while perusing the listings.  BUT...Do people actually do this?  What type of shoppers are on eBay?  Are they the ones who are looking for hard to find items and hone it and buy just that item or are they leisurely lookers who glide from one eBay store to the next?

What can I possibly do to set my store apart?  In all essence I am just another resale shop.  I try to have excellent customer service.  I know that is important.  What can I do to get satisfied customers to share my store?

How long does it take to grow an online store?  

I'm sorry to ramble but this is how my mind has been revolving since beginning eBay.  I research and I research and I research.  I apply some techniques and I research and I research and I apply but my wheels are spinning.  

If you have any surefire advice on growing a business that does not cost money, I would love to hear it. 

Also, I am at around the 1,000 listing mark.  I want to grow my store further but then the fees grow too.  Would it be better to just remain at this level or take it to the next step?  

AND when it comes to pricing I want to keep things at the impulsive price point because it is such a good deal but I feel that I might do better selling less for more. 

Is it better to sell less for more or more for less?  Sales is quite complex and there are gazillions of books and blogs about it all trying to sell you something.  I just need to continue to plod along and discover as I go.  It's just hard to be patient and grow slowly because what if it doesn't grow?  I'm thankful that it is manageable but I am ready to hit the ground running.  I guess I could just try to up my daily listings and make sure that I do not become complacent. 

That's my new plan of action.  List more daily.  Gradually find items that are at a slightly higher price point or sell the smaller items in lots and never give up.

On a very personal note:  My Dad passed in March and he was my eBay mentor.  Last week while digging through a bin at the top of my closet I found an autograph book from 5th Grade. Dad had written a message for me 25 years ago that struck home.  "Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win.  Andrea Never Give Up."  Needless to say, I am not giving up!  Learning is an evolving process and that is why I love it.  Learning eBay is just that.  Will I ever understand all the ins and outs of eBay or for building traffic for that matter? No but the quest continues...   

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