Friday, May 23, 2014

Finding Items to Sell on eBay (Part 2)

There are many places to find items to sell on eBay.  It depends on your purpose and niche.  I am still reluctant to have a niche even though that is probably the best way to go.  I like a wide array of items but if I had to be categorized into a niche it would be vintage (with a focus on costume jewelry).

With that said there are several sources where you can find items to sell on eBay:

  • Your House-Start out by selling items around the house that are in good condition.  It might be an odd item and that is okay as long as you can describe it where others can find it.  The key is to find things that are in good to fantastic condition.  Be honest when describing and photographing the item.  Make sure that you highlight any defects or imperfections.  It might sound counterproductive when you are trying to make a sale but honestly I would rather not make the sale than have an unhappy customer.  If you have a bunch of small items you can sell those as a junk drawer lot.  Simply fill up a medium (or large) flat rate box.  When it's full list it as a Mixed Junk Drawer Lot
  • Yard Sales-These are amazing for finding unique items at a fair price.  This is the treasure hunting part of eBay.
  • Flea Market- Here you have to go EARLY to find the treasures because there are others searching for a deal to resell too.  Either that or you have to be an expert in your niche and see things that others do not see.
  • Thrift Stores-The treasure hunt continues but it is much harder to find items at a price where you can make a huge profit.  I was very discouraged when I found out a local thrift store has a jeweler on staff who has first dibbs and who helps price what's left.  Still be relentless, check back often, look for clearance items too.  Eventually you will find something that slips through.  Recently I found a Budweiser Beer Stein for less than ten dollars.  When I looked it up on eBay, several have sold for sixty dollars or more!
  • eBay-You can find items to sell on eBay too. Sometimes sellers make mistakes and misspell important words in the description or list an inopportune times (I'm guilty of this).  You can find items for a great deal on auction and then sell it under buy it now for the price you want.
There are more sources but I can't give ALL my secrets away...Can I?

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