Monday, May 19, 2014

Growing a Customer Base

This last week I have devoted countless hours to web reading trying to discover how to build traffic to my website.

I've looked into stumbleupon, digg, trafficswarm, Facebook, Google + communities, Pinterest, & more.  I wish I could crack the code to exponential growth.

Perhaps that is reserved for startups with a fantastically original product.

My store celebrates unique items.  I tend to focus on jewelry and collectibles but like to add other "fun" items.  I've considered changing my strategy but this store is something I enjoy right now and I want my customers to enjoy it too.  I do not want to sell items that I am not interested in.  Perhaps that is poor judgement... Only time will tell.

This Saturday, I worked the local Flea Market.  I brought a lot of my teacher "stuff" to sell and items to declutter my house.  In a smaller corner of the table I had some of the collectible type items I like to list.  Anyone who seemed interested in those items, I handed out a business card.

Handing out business cards is new.  Is there an etiquette to this?  It is yet another area I plan on researching.  Everything is new.  Everything is exciting.  Everything kind of feels like being caught in a rip current where you don't know if you will make it back to shore or drown.

Any advice is always welcome.  I will share as I learn which will hopefully help others succeed like me or learn from my mistakes.

Here's to adventure!

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