Thursday, May 15, 2014

Special Promotion Going on Right Now-See Below

This week my eBay hobby officially became a business.  Lowery's Loft is an LLC!

It is an exciting, yet somewhat nerve-wracking, time.

Starting a small business is a leap of faith.  As a former teacher, preparation is key yet there is a HUGE learning curve.   Like anyone who takes a risk, there is HOPE.  Whenever I start doubting myself I keep repeating in my head "Without risk there is no reward" and "Give it your best try and live with no regrets."

I am reading as much as I can about successful businesses, tips and tricks for gaining more traffic, to my store, and just the "how to's" of everything.

The "How to's" is what led to this post.  In eBay's Manage my Store page, there is a new option for creating a special promotions.  In the marketing tools section, it is under item promotion.  I had to give it a try by clicking on manage promotions.

In an attempt to build a repeat customer base, I want to reward my customers so I am exploring options on how to do that.  This tool allows sellers to create coupons (in a link form) that can be added to websites and social marketing sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Right now you can get $5.00 off every $50.00 you spend but you have to follow this link.  CLICK HERE.  This is only good through May 22, 2014.

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