Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Learning to Sell on eBay by Studying Other Sellers on eBay

I am still a Top Rated Powerseller ... Phew!

I've been researching other sellers that have 100% positive feedback because 99.8% bothers me.  Can you say perfectionist? 

What I have found is some sellers clearly state in the description to please contact them first if there is any problem.  

Well, that makes sense!  I need to go back to the mindset of a teacher and never assume.  I need to plainly state in my description to contact me first.  

I will say that I spend a lot of time on eBay in buyer mode (not always buying) but looking to see what other sellers do well.  

If you are thinking of selling on eBay the best thing to do is to start out by making a few small purchases to learn how others pack their items, what pamphlets, cards, or notes, are included and how they communicate with you.   

Take what you have learned and then create your own style. 

There are also a lot of discussion forums and online communities you can join.  I have done just one Q&A forum.  This is an area that I need to improve in.

In case you haven't noticed I love learning and adjusting and learning and adjusting.  It keeps things interesting and my mind stimulated.  Selling on eBay is rewarding.  You just have to find what works for you.

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