Friday, May 23, 2014

What Can You Do?

As you may or may not know, I am trying to make my new business work.  I am taking a leap and trying to sell on eBay full time and it is nerve wracking.

In life I have come to accept that you can't please everyone (this took years and I'm still working on it). Right now, I am a little frustrated trying to do the right thing.  

If I see an imperfection on an item, I note it unless I don't know that there is one to begin with.  I am not an expert on all vintage items so I take pictures and if something doesn't seem right I say it.  When it comes to sizing I can only state what it says and offer to measure it.

I offer a 14 day return policy but only hope/ask that the buyer contact me first so I can resolve any problems. With eBay's new return policy, if a buyer initiates an item not as described returned, it is considered a defect on my part and affects my rating.  

I do not deliberately mislead anyone and I answer and welcome questions.  I wish that returns were not considered defects because we have all bought something and decided it wasn't quite what we wanted or expected.  I buy and sell many things that are vintage.  I can only state what I see and not comment on the unknown.  

This is not the buyers fault because he/she deserves to get his/her money back if it is not what they wanted or what he/she thought it was going to be.  I just wish a return wasn't considered a defect because I welcome returns if someone is dissatisfied.  I would rather he/she feel comfortable to buy from me again.

What I do take issue with is when I refund the money and let the person keep the item and I get a neutral rating because ... What else can I do to make it a pleasant experience.  

People that are newer to eBay do not realize how important these ratings are to the sellers.  I am trying to keep everyone happy.  Normally I do not react like this but I am frustrated because even when I am a conscientious customer oriented seller, I cannot make everyone happy.  I wish I could.  

I want to remain a Top Rated Power Seller but I guess some things are just out of my hands and I have to accept the outcome.  

I'm trying to stay focused on this dream of working from home BUT with what's in the news AND with the uncertainty of income AND with feedback I really cannot control (even if I try my very best) ... It's Hard.

I keep repeating "Without Risk There's No Reward - Do Not Give Up" as my mantra.  Right now I am not so sure...Tomorrow will be another day.   

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